East Sussex Destination Groomer
10am - 6pm Tues - Fri. 9am - 6pm Sat (except Sundays and Mondays).

What can you expect
A Professional, Educated, Informative and Courteous service. Our groomers are experienced in all Breed Standard trims as well as contemporary styles.

Drop & shop
Take advantage of the local Antique Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and of course the wonderful Promenade.

All prices are based on pets with an even temperament that are regularly groomed.


  • Hamish taking a nap at tails  his a very
  • Red the gorgeous smiling staffie and his friend visited tails
  • How handsome is gentle giant jake who visted tails the
  • Indy the colliex in for his bubbley bath and deshed

Latest News

The Loss

The day has come, you are off to collect your new family member today. Its a beautiful sunny day and you have read all of the books on the breed of dog that you have chosen. You know what is to come. A few hours later you walk through the Read More»

Maintaining Your Professional Groom

Brush Brush Brush My dog isn’t matted, just a little bit knotty!!! For all of us dog groomers, matted dogs are not a new discovery, matting is something that we as pet professionals deal with on a daily basis. It is the single biggest problem that we come across simply Read More»

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